Tree works
Wether you have a holly hedge that needs removing to ground level or a large tree crowning we can undertake the job. Fully insured to carry out all types of tree works by our professionals. No arisings or logs left we take it all so you dont have to worry.


Customer in Wolverhampton was'nt getting any light in to her garden.
No problem for us, the conifers was stripped and removed in sections.
The sun even came out into her garden once the trees was down. All the brash was chipped and taken away.
80 meters worth of holly hedge row to be removed.
During. Chipping all the brash as we go along through the wood chipper.
Holly hedge row turned into wood chippings.
Job complete!
30 FT Ash tree reduced to brash and logs. Area being blown off from debris.
Popular trees ready to be crowned at Veolia on a weekend.
Few hours later, all brash and logs removed and the car park is mess free.
Trees and hedging to be removed.
Job complete..!! All ready for the new footpath to be installed.
Several large Ash trees reduced to ground level. Not bad for a Saturday morning.
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Matt and Andy have been working for The Gorge Parish Council for a long while. They provided all the relevant documentation regarding insurance and qualifications asked for when they took the contract out. The contract they were given was for a new job with a lot of discretion in the contract.

The Parish Council is happy with the progression of the works and how the contract is working.

They are thorough and the information provided is in a good format and easy to deal with.

I have no hesitation is recommending A & B Landscaping to you.

Jayne Madeley BA FILCM
February 2017
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